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Static or Inmotion Check Weighing Scales

  Weighing Scales
Standard Features:
The E1010CW  Checkweigher is completely washdown, suitable for using in typical packing house environments. It features stainless steel construction including base, column, stainless steel load cell and NEMA 4X display enclosure. The standard display housing is adjustable from a vertical position to a tilt of 20 degrees.

These checkweighers have fully customizable serial output included. Discrete I/O connections: 3-inputs for remote print, PB tare, etc. and 3-outputs for controlling external devices with the addition of TIU3-Trips Interface Options.

Features Include: Pounds/kilograms, switching, adjustable tolerances, push-button target setting, push-button zero, Under/Accept/Over fam graph, 10' load cell cable on the standard E1010, 6' power cord and 500% overload protection. The E1010 indicator is NTEP at 10,000d Class III. The base is NTEP at 3,000d Class III.

Capacity: 6, 12, 30, 60, 100, 200 or 500 lb

A & D SK Series scale

Standard Features
A & D SK Series scale are for general applications such as shipping, check weighing, filling, mixing, lab and industrial use.

Standard features include Battery operated with low battery indicator, full scale zero and tare, auto off to save battery and N.T.E.P. Certified - Legal for Trade.

Capacities range from 2.2 lb x .001 up to 66 lb x .05.

Quad Spring
Standard Features
The DXL Series weighing platforms design provides the very best in shock and static overload protection. The DXL employs shock absorbing springs to protect the load cell when ever something is dropped on the scale platform. The DXL also has heavy duty static overload stops to protect the load cell when excessive weights up to ten times the scale capacity is placed on the scale.

Standard features include heavy, rugged 304 stainless steel construction. . 5 overload stops, 4 shock absorbing leveling feet and load cell stops.

N.T.E.P Certified - Legal for Trade.

Capacities range from 2 lbs up to 300 lbs
Platforms range from 10" x 10" up to 18" x 18"

Applications are from most general weighing purpose to heavy washdown. It can be used with most types of Digital Indicators.

A & D "Titan"  Stainless Series scale
Standard Features
The A & D "Titan" Series scale are All purpose weighing solutions with Stainless Steel construction for durability in most weighing applications that demands Wash down Waterproof equipment.

Standard features include complete Stainless Steel construction, on/off button, comparator function to set high and low targets and show HI/OK/LO on display, lb-kg-oz modes, RS-232 and N.T.E.P Certified - Legal for Trade

The "Gore-Tex" membrane protects the load cell from water and debris.

HV-WP Series are triple range scales that change capacity and resolution.

HW-WP Series are up to 1/12,000 high resolution scales for better accuracy.

Capacities range from 6 lb x .002 up to 500 lb x .05

Applications are for most general weighing uses where the conditions are wet, caustic or where conditions must be accurate and clean

Non-Stainless Steel Scales Available

Check Weighing Scales
Standard Features
Check Weighing Scales from GSE are the first choice when rapid throughput, ease of use and durability are a top priority. Choose from a complete range of Industrial checkweighers made for Portioning, Quality control, manual or automatic filling.

Choose to view percentage of target, fixed target deviation or over / under modes.

All platforms are wash down construction with OPD (Open Platform Design) for quick and easy cleaning.
Some models are complete Stainless Steel and others are Cast Aluminum with Stainless Steel Shrouds.

All Scales are selectable lb, oz, kg, g and lb-oz

Features available includes Label Printers, Alphanumeric ID numbers to store target values and tolerances and all are capable of connecting to computers by RS-232, RS-485, Ethernet (wired) or RF (Radio Frequency)

Platforms from 10" x 10" to 18" x 18"
Capacities from 10 lbs to 200 lbs

Applications are General Industrial Weighing, Washdown Food and Pharmaceutical.

Static or Inmotion Check Weighing Scales

Scale Indicator with Optional High / Ok / Low Lights

Standard Features
From the perfect entry - level Programmable Indicator to the Ultimate level of Flexibility in Process Controls
The GSE 60 Series Weight - Based Indicators and Controllers can be tailored to an infinite range of applications

Enter the Tolerances on GSE Indicator Keypad and the product can be instantly weighed and assessed to determine whether it is within the control specification. Indicating Beacons will instantly alert workers with Red/ Green/ Yellow Lights whether or not the product is with in Tolerance.

Optional Indicator Database can store and recall product and formula tolerances, by entering an ID number on the Indicators Keypad. Database can also store and recall each weight. Add an optional barcode Scanner to simply scan the product number to recall all of its information. Using an Ethernet card, you can communicate directly to the Indicator from your computer to enter the formulas and receive scale weights
Conveyor Scale
Barcode Scanner

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