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Sterling Steel Coil Scale

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Heavy Capacity - Coil Scales
Standard Features

The MaxDec is for the rigorous use, intense traffic, and high gross weights of heavy industry. Removable top side plates give easy access to the Weigh Bars and junction box. Capacities from 50,000 to 100,000 lb and sizes from 60" x 60" to 96" x 72".
Sandwich steel construction – 4.5” thick deck with ribs on 4” centers
Patented Weigh Bars
Weigh Bars are another key to the MaxDec's popularity. The patented Weigh Bar is made from an aircraft alloy steel bar and is precision tooled in the machine shop at Weigh-Tronix. An in-house gauging process, sealing procedure and testing analysis of each Weigh Bar insures the reliability you get in every MaxDec scale.


Sterling Model # ESC Heavy Capacity Scale

Standard Features
The LowPro low profile scales have a 3.5 ramp incline and overall deck height of 2" or 3". This makes getting on or off easy for the smallest fork lift truck or hand trucks. This means more productive time, more weighments, and more satisfied employees. Easily move them to where the action is. No need to recalibrate each time.

Warehouse tough

Weigh-Tronix low profile scales are built to handle the hard knocks lift truck jockeys hand out. The welded, high strength steel sandwich design stands up to punishing, day in, day out warehouse use. That cuts down time, maintenance charges and extends the life of your scale investment.

Space age accuracy

Weigh-Tronix electronic scales use the Weigh Bar linear method of weight sensing and deliver consistent accuracy throughout the full range of the scale. The load rests directly on four Weigh Bars, one at each corner of the scale. This gives you weighing accuracy no matter where the load is placed on the scale. Overload stops protect against damage from loads that are dropped or accidental overloading.

Food and chemical use
Weigh-Tronix low profile scales are normally finished in high grade enamel but are also available in a USDA approved epoxy paint and in stainless steel for food and chemical environments. Indicators are also available in stainless steel enclosures. The accuracy and resolution of the indicators make them ideal for food and chemical applications.
Capacities from 2,000 lbs up to 40,000 lbs
Platforms from 3 x 3 up to 9 x 12

Sterling Model # ESC Heavy Capacity Scale

Standard Features
Scales originally designed for the air cargo industry, these rugged floor scales are useful in a wide variety of other applications. The scales come in three types; flat top, roller top, and swivel caster top. Built using the reliable Weigh Bar and with 20,000 lb capacity. these scales are ready for constant use.

Pancake Scale
Model DSL120120-20P
A 20,000 lb. multi-purpose scale designed for quick and accurate weighing indoors and out. The pancake scale's main advantage is portability and quick set-up; there is no need for a custom scale pit. Gently sloping ramps allow easy access to the 4" high scale by lift truck or hand cart.

Dual Roller Scale

The Dual Roller Scale fits standard single or double-wide aircraft cargo containers. Each roller platform has a capacity of 10,000 lbs., for a scale total of 20,000 lbs.. Eight 2500 lb. Weigh Bars (4 per platform) perform weighing duties with proven reliability. With the proper indicator, individual platform weights or the sum of both platforms can be read.

Swivel Caster Scale

A heavy-duty scale specifically designed to make the weighing of large cargo containers fast and accurate. Allows loading and unloading in any direction, with steel tip-up stops in key locations. Initially designed for the airline industry, the swivel caster scale lends itself to a wide variety of commercial and manufacturing applications.

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