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Item Reviewed: Counting Scales | Digital Counting Scale | Perryscale Description: Counting Scales are the instrument innovated for the purpose of providing guaranteed measurement. Perryscale provides different type of digital counting scales. Rating: 5 Reviewed By: Ronnie Perry Phone: (713)921-7163 Website:
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A&D Weighing Model: HC-I
  Counting Scales

Standard Features

3 Displays – Weight – Unit Weight – Count
60,000 Displayed resolutions
24 Bit Sigma Processor with on board PGIA (programmable gain instrumentation amplifier) fast stabilization and superior counting accuracy
Insufficient unit piece weight and sample size warning
High Visibility Back-Lit LCD Display
Built in rechargeable battery, a/c adapter and low battery indicator

Why the SHC Counting Scale?
60 lbs x .001 lbs – Most competitors are 60 lbs x .005 lb
Simply put – it’s more accurate

No other Counting scale gives you more, for the price
6 lb x .0001 lb – 12 lb x .0002 lb – 24 lb x .0005 lb are available

GSE Model 672


Standard Features:

3 Displays – Weight – Unit Weight - Count

Remote scale connection

60,000 Displayed resolutions
99 PLU – stores sample weights so they can easily be retrieved
High Visibility Back-Lit LCD Display
Auto Piece Weight Enhancement
Heavy Duty ABS Housing
B uilt in rechargeable battery, a/c adapter and low battery indicator
Low Battery indicator and Charge Status
Full Numeric Keypad

Why the QHD Counting Scale?

60 lbs x .001 lbs – Most competitors are 60 lbs x .005 lb
Simply put – it’s more accurate
Plus a Remote Scale Module

No other Counting scale gives you more, for the price

GSE Model 675

Standard Features
An easy-to-operate, no nonsense counting scale that weighs extremely light parts and reduces the time required to count. The PC-902 and PC - 905, uses a vibrating technology which provides the highest level of counting accuracy, at an affordable price.
The PC-902 is supplied with a simplistic keypad of only 6 keys: Sample (on/off), tare, zero, print, count/weigh switching and units of measure switching.

The PC-905 is supplied with a keypad of 20 keys: Sample (on/off), tare, zero, print, count/weigh switching, average piece weight, clear, recall/decimal point, units of measure switching, remote base toggle, and numeric keypad 0-9. 

Selectable counting accuracy: 95%, 98%, or 99%.
Standard sample modes of 5, 10, 25, 50 or 100 pieces.Large 0.5"high, 7-segment backlit LCD display. Bi-directional RS-232 output. Die-cast aluminum base and load bridge with stainless steel weigh pan. Power supply: 120VAC +10%-15% standard 3-wire w/ground @ 60Hz +3 Hz. 9 VDC@ 1.3 Amps DC minimum-UL approved.

Selectable power save modes for auto shut-off and adjustment of backlight to auto, or off to increase the battery performance.

GSE Model 675

Standard Features
The PC-820 is a high resolution, full featured counting scale. It comes in its simplest form, ready to count and able to recall a piece weight and tare weight.

With the exclusive patent Quartzell digital technology it defines a highly precise method of industrial counting. All other operations can be configured by Perry Scale per customer standards.

Provided in three different capacities with an expanded resolution.
Easy to use tactile opertiona keys - Zero, tare, enter, escape, Clear, 0-9, decimal point, previous, next, and 5 soft keys. Units of measure selectable - Lb, Kg, Oz, G, and available in custom. Harmonizer digital filtering allows for the scale to configure to the noise and vibration within your facility. Standard input and output from Com1 &Com2. Many more options are available contact Perry Scale for further assistance.

GSE Model 675

The Ultimate high precision Counting Scale System

Standard Features
Include carrying handles, (1) remote scale module, average piece weight look up, highly visible back-lit LCD display. It can be expanded up to 4 scales total.
Options include (3) variations of Battery operations to meet your portability needs, Computer keyboard module, RS -485, Ethernet module, Barcode Scanners and Label Printers.

Capacities from 1 lb up to 100 lb

Multiple display styles let you customize the screen to show the information for your application

For example "Quick Count" for a Simple 2 key menu driven count operation. "Sample - Accept"

Supervisor can set % of accuracy from 90% up to 99.99%

Accuracy % - Average Piece Weight - Gross, Tare, Net Weights can also be displayed

Counting without Sampling
Use GSE'S Standard 32K Database
For entering and recalling part numbers, lot numbers and descriptions along with the associated Average Piece Weights

Simply enter the stored part number and you recall all of the associated information with it, including the parts APW which eliminates sampling each time and allows for fast accurate counting of your parts.

The information then can be printed or transmitted to Excel or any other Microsoft programs.
Database can be expanded up to 2M

"Barcoding and Label Printing made Easy" is the real story.
No scale system makes it easier to generate bar codes and formats labels with multiple text fields of information. Add a bar code scanner to speed up and eliminate the errors made by hand counting samples.

If your looking to finally control your inventory accuracy look to GSE !!.

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