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A&D Titan Stainless steel series

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Bench Platform Scales

Standard Features
The APM Series scale is an Economical, compact, lightweight, A/C or battery operated scale. Its heavy duty, rugged construction will take the punishment of daily use and transportation.

Standard features include stainless steel platform, a/c adapter, battery operated and on/off button
 N.T.E.P. Certified – Legal for Trade

Capacities range from 15 Kg – 30 Lbs up to 150 Kg – 300 Lbs

A&D Titan Stainless steel series  
Standard Features
The FS Series scale are an Economical, All purpose weighing solutions with Stainless Steel construction for durability in most weighing applications that demands Wash down Waterproof equipment.

Standard features include 2” Display, all stainless steel construction, a/c adapter, battery operated and on/off button

FS2 Series includes a Hermetically Sealed load cell

Capacities range from 60 Kg – 132 Lbs up to 300 Kg – 660 Lbs

GSE Floating beam bench platform

Standard Features
THE 3700LP Bench Scales are constructed of an aluminum or mild steel body with a stainless steel shroud. Each model includes a six digit, seven segment LCD display with backlight and all are equipped with RS232.

The front panel overlay includes Units, print & zero leys and supports switching of up to 2 units of measure selected from lb, kg, oz and g. Built in serial protocols include formats for NCI standard, model 3835, 8213 emulation and also for the WP-233 tape printer and Zebra LP-2844 sticker printer. Autoprint is also selectable.

Each comes with a front mount display bracket. (They can be purchased with or without a factory installed battery but not available on 10" x 10" models.)

Dimensions: 10" x 10", 14" x 14", 18" x 18"

Capacity: 25, 50, 100 or 250 lb.

GSE Floating beam bench platform

Standard Features

Tough carbon or stainless steel bench scales with a large range of sizes from 30 to 500 lb capacities. Built for a lifetime of hard work, they have one Weigh Bar and no moving parts for low maintenance. Options include a ball top shroud and portable cart.

- Overload stops protect scale from excessive loads or dropped objects.
Reliable - Single Weigh Bar design with no moving parts for low maintenance.


Carbon steel bases:
Zinc plated carbon steel construction
Epoxy painted shroud
Stainless steel bases:
Stainless steel shroud and stainless steel under-structure and load cell
Overload: Up to 150% of the scale capacity
Temperature: Compensated from 14° to 104°F (-10° to 40°C)

• 50 lb. - 18" x 18"
• 100 lb. - 20" x 20" or 24" x 24" or 18" x 24"
• 200 lb. - 20" x 20" or 24" x 24"
• 500 lb. - 24" x 24"

GSE Floating beam bench platform

Standard Features
The 3600 bench scale employs the high-resolution Quartzell digital transducers, which yield pure digital output with a standard resolution of 10,000d.
3600 Series QDT Bench Scales are constructed of either a die cast aluminum body and stainless steel shroud or a mild steel body and a stainless steel shroud. They include a front-mounted seven digit, LCD display with blue electro-luminescent back light and RS-232 interface. 6' Power cord included.

• 10 x 0.001 lb.  Expanded Resolution: 0.0001 lb.
• 50 x 0.005 lb.                                      0.0005 lb.
• 100 x 0.1 lb.                                        0.001 lb.
• 250 x 0.02 lb.                                      0.002 lb.

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