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On the left menu you have a few actual scale operations in service; hopefully they will show you some of the capabilities that Perry Scale Co. has to offer in programming a Controller for your specific needs.

So if you do not see so please check back to see updates.

GSE 60 Series - Process – Batch Controllers
GSE offers a broad line of Programmable Indicators, Load Cells and Tank Mounts and Scales that have the Ultimate Level of Flexibility and are designed to meet the most demanding applications. They can be a Stand alone system or connected to a PC.  The GSE 60 Series controllers can be used in Automatic, Semi-automatic and manual modes. Timers and timer delays can be added for set points mixers, agitators, and it can control the opening and closing of gates and valves. The Manual Additive system will display and prompt operators for each Ingredient.   

Batching, Filling and Discharging, Loss in Weight, Bulk Bag, Auto Dump Systems, Bulk Processing, Formula Controllers, Formula Manual Additive System,  Rate Controls, In- Motion and Static Check Weighing, Material Handling, Inventory Tracking and Control, RFI Communications, Conveyor and Vibration Controls.

GSE “User C” Development Kit for those who want to write there own programs:
User C maximizes capabilities and reduces development time by allowing application developers the ability to write and compile routines in the C programming language.

All applications can be Sequential or Simultaneous, adding one ingredient at a time or multiple ingredients are added to a vessel one at a time. Multiple Scales can be used simultaneously.

Ingredient and Formula Recipes:
The 60 Series Controllers can store and recall in its Database simple one or two ingredient formulas or utilize extensive recipes with the 4K Standard database which is expandable up to 2M.

By using a network connection, formulas can be downloaded from a PC using Excel and other programs.

The 60 Series controllers have a Preact  “Learn Feature” when enabled the feature will automatically adjust the final cutoff valve based on an analysis of the previous operations, helping to achieve a final target by compensating for product viscosity, changes in plant air, sticky valves, etc.  For each cycle the prior five final weights are analyzed and a new pre-act value is established.

Tolerances for each Ingredient can be stored in the controller and it will alarm and display to the operator if the weight is out of tolerance. Operators will have the option to “Accept out of Tolerance”. In cases where the weight is low the operator can use the Manual Jog Button.

When doing batching, the system may require an input that there is a problem or that the all conditions are ready, before the controller opens the valves or gates, etc.

The 60 Series Controller can have as many as 128 input connections, for photo cells, proximity switches, limit switches, etc. These Interlocks will signal if a gate is open or closed, if a drum is in place, if it’s ok to discharge, or if the scale is with in zero tolerance.  

Data Management/Batch Reports:
The 60 Series Controller has 250 Programmable Independent Data Base structures. It has 4K data modules standard and is expandable up to 2M.

Individual Batch reports can include time and date, batch number, ingredient number, each ingredient weight in the recipe as well as the actual weight and total of batches. Total Batch and Ingredient reports are available. Data Bases can be customized to fit your needs. Data can be stored in the Controller and printer later or can be automatic uploaded to a computer by networks.   

RS-232 is Standard

Options include:
RS-485- Multi-Drop up to 251 devices in half or full duplex to a distance of 4,000 ft

Analog Output available in 0-10 VDC, 0-20 ma or 4-20 ma absolute zero and full scale values are programmable, 16 Bit resolution

Ethernet Module comes with the IP Set up tool for establishing a static IP Address or DHCP server compatible. To expedite setup, a dynamic on-board web server makes network configuration fast and simple.

RFI Communication Modules:

  • 900 MHzSR - Indoor, 300 ft up to 1,000 ft
  • 900 MHzLR - Indoor, 1,500 ft up to 7 Miles (Line of sight)
  • 2.4 GHz - Indoor, 600 ft up to 3 Miles (Line of sight)  

Modbus, DeviceNet and Profibus Modules are available.

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